Sidmouth Arboretum

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Sidmouth Civic Arboretum is a new interpretation of an Arboretum - which is a collection of trees and shrubs.  Our Arboretum covers the entire Sid Valley, not just one site.  We encourage new planting, and give advice and support for maintenance so the plants will flourish.

Our Tree Trail Leaflets prove popular as they help encourage visitors and residents alike to explore the rich heritage which is Sidmouth's treescape, and to value its contribution to present and future generations.  Pick up a leaflet at the Tourist Information Centre, hotels or local shops.

Our Trees Talks and Walks bring together a wide range of interests - birds, bats, health and well being, as well as climate change, pests and diseases that threaten trees.  They guide us to the best of spring blossom and autumn leaf colour up and down the valley.

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Sidmouth Arboretum